Words From Our Clients
"Based on these core tests, the potential to recover twice as much waterflood oil in one-half the time equates to a four-fold increase in the flood economics."


"The disposal well before Ionizer treatment was pressuring up from scale and after Ionizer treatment, the well has not been serviced and the water is now very clear and operates on a vacuum a larger percentage of the time.
As a result of the Ionizer, our additional water treatment chemical bill has been reduced to almost nil and we are recovering the oil from the produced water. " Read More


"We connected the Ionizer to the storage tanks and re-circulated the water back from the tanks back into the pits at the same place as where the trucks were dumping. BY putting a charge on the water, the Ionizer caused the water to break emulsions and repel solids, thereby clarifing it." Read More