AWE Solutions

The Problem

Long-term sludge in storage tanks is an accumulating problem requiring operators to pay for removal. Sludge volume takes up valuable storage space. Typical conventional acid based sludge removal has numerous health & safety risks are expensive for personal and facilities. Additionally the quality and amount of any recoverable oil is unknown, a lost resource and revenue to producers. Also storage tanks go out of commission, typically 12 to 18 months, solids in sludge requires further cleaning, water from sludge requires further cleaning. It is a personnel and equipment intensive operation that is an expensive and timely operation to the operator.


The AWE Solution:

  • Environmentally friendly, No chemicals, No Heat
  • Guaranteed safe, rapid tank turnaround time (Overnight)
  • Maintains fluidity to the sludge, creating commercial crude
  • Minimizes and prevents wax formation
  • No cooling impact, works at ambient temperature
  • No re-emulsification with clean crude or after re-agitation
  • No toxic byproducts, leaves separated solids water wet for disposal
The Process

The Benefits

  • 90+% crude recovery from sludge generates substantial revenue
  • Recovered crude meets with sales quality turning sludge into substantial revenue
  • Rapid cleaning schedule – 3000 barrels a day
  • Small footprint (Pickup truck with 16 ft. trailer & 1 man crew
  • Greatly improved health and safety liability – no heating, boilers, no acid or chemicals
  • More environmentally friendly – remaining minimal solids are non-hazardous and water is drain disposal quality

How It Works:

  • Whatever the amount of tank bottoms (i.e. 300 bbls, etc.) we add an equal amount of new oil or diesel on top.
  • Pull oil approx. ½ way into the new oil from the middle of the new oil into the pump and discharge it into the CavX (< than 40 PSI)
  • The output from the ionizer is piped into the bottom of the tank so the ionized new oil perks up through the bottoms.
  • We circulate the tanks approx. 3 times the amount of new oil and we end up with 600 bbls of good commercial quality oil.