Off-road Diesel Fuel
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Off-road diesel fuel is sold for use in equipment and vehicles that are not usually operated on public roadways, such as equipment and vehicles used on farms and railways, in construction, and for electric power generation. Off-road diesel fuel is dyed red (as is heating oil) to distinguish it from on-highway diesel fuel.

Diesel engines power more than two-thirds of all farm equipment, move 90 percent of its product and pump one-fifth of its water in the United States. Farm tractors, combines, irrigation pumps and other equipment are the workhorses in an industry vital to our national economy and quality of life.

Because of diesel's unmatched and unique combination of power, performance and reliability, it is the technology of choice and the workhorse of the nation's construction sector, powering more than three-fourths of all heavy construction equipment.

Today, roughly 850,000 diesel-powered vehicles nationwide are in use bringing supplies, materials and workers to and from U.S. construction sites. Earthmovers, bulldozers, bucket loaders, backhoes, cranes, pavers, excavators and motor graders are all essential to building and expanding our economic infrastructure.

Emergency Vehicles
Call 911, and odds are that a piece of diesel-powered equipment will respond. Over 98 percent of first responder vehicles, including fire trucks, ambulances, and other rescue equipment, are powered by diesel.

The fuel used in ships is waste oil, basically what is left over after the crude oil refining process. It is the same as asphalt and is so thick that when cold it can be walked upon. It's the cheapest and most polluting fuel available and the world's 90,000 ships chew through an astonishing 7.29 million barrels of it each day.

In addition, thousands of commercial sea and river ports move billions of tons of import and export cargo each year port facilities. Diesel fuel powers the forklifts, cargo handling equipment, barges and marine workboats.

Rail transportation is vital to the U.S. economy. Freight train engines rely almost exclusively on diesel and haul roughly one-third of the freight in the U.S. Commuters in cities across the country rely on America's railroads every day. Today, the steam locomotive has faded into history while over 21,000 diesel trains are in operation nationwide. In 2011, the Class 1 railroads again used 3.7 billion gallons of diesel fuel to produce 1,729 billion revenue ton-miles of freight.


AWE's diesel fuel treatment technology results in a 10 – 20% increase in fuel economy depending on the quality of the fuel to begin with and emissions are significantly reduced from diesel. The treated diesel is upgraded into a lighter, cleaner and more energetic fuel that burns completely.

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