About Us
Air Water Earth, Inc.

Our Mission

AWE is dedicated to making the world a better place with environmental solutions that foster a sustainable future and lead to global social and economical improvements.

Our Values

AWE is committed to satisfying customer needs and honoring our promises. We act with honesty and integrity with a commitment to innovation and excellence.

Our Solution

AWE provides environmentally friendly, cost-effective solutions to help lower air pollution, increase fuel economy, clean water for aquaculture, agriculture and industrial use.

Air Water Earth

Specializing in hydrodynamic cavitation environmental solutions.
Air Water Earth Inc., (AWE) designs, manufacturers, installs and services proprietary hydrodynamic cavitation reactors for a variety of applications in the processing of fluids. Our CavX lowers emissions for diesel, biodiesel and jet fuel and increases fuel economies. Our various Ionizer water treatment systems provide solutions for numerous markets. AWE gives our clients the ability to significantly increase revenues and realize substantial cost savings through lower capital expenditures, improved efficiencies, decreased maintenance and chemical expenses while reducing environmental impacts.