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HOUSTON, Texas, April 18 2016 –Air Water Earth Inc., is pleased to announce it has entered into a Research Agreement with Colorado State University to test the Company’s treatment of diesel fuel for emissions and fuel economy.

The work will be performed at the Engines and Energy Conversion Laboratory situated at the Powerhouse Energy Institute in in Ft. Collins, Colorado during the months of May-June 2016. 

HOUSTON, Texas, February 23, 2016 –Air Water Earth Inc., is pleased to announce the results from the treatment of both diesel fuel and biodiesel using the Company’s cavitation reactor by Southwest Research Institute in San Antonio, TX in accordance with ASTM test standards and procedures.

A Cetane number is an indicator of the combustion speed of diesel fuel. In short, the higher the Cetane number the more easily the fuel will combust in a diesel engine. Therefore higher Cetane fuel usually causes an engine to run more smoothly and quietly.

HOUSTON, Texas, February 18, 2016 –Air Water Earth Inc., is pleased to announce the results from the treatment of Jet A1 fuel using the Company's cavitation reactor.

The Company conducted a test on a small jet engine to ascertain the performance difference between burning Jet-A1 and fuel that had been pumped through our CavX (treated fuel).

The jet engine was furnished, and the tests were conducted, by Mr. Dennis Michael of Litespeed Air Show of Tulsa, Oklahoma. The engine was a Kingtech K170F turbine rated at 37# thrust at 123,000 RPM.

HOUSTON, Texas, February 2, 2016 – Ionizer Tech Group Inc., is pleased to announce that it has changed the company’s name to Air Water Earth Inc. The filing was made effective with the State of Nevada where it is incorporated.

"After spending several months of research within the sector we believe we will able to position the Company as an environmental services company based on the numerous markets identified for our various technologies," said Mr. John Huemoeller, CEO of Air Water Earth Inc.